About us…

ChampdAction was originally founded in 1988 as a contemporary music ensemble by composer Serge Verstockt.

Today, it is an interdisciplinary development and production platform for creators, residing in ChampdAction.Studio at deSingel in Antwerp.

Its current operations are focused on the creative and developmental processes of an ever-growing number of artists in residence wishing to create an interdisciplinary project. These artists embody a variety of different disciplines, including those of music, sound art, video art and the fine arts.

Conscious of contemporary tensions between culture, technology and society, ChampdAction generates and stimulates new artistic responses. ChampdAction offers professional artistic, technical and business frameworks for creators and performers, from the conception of an artistic idea to the realization and distribution of artistic output. In-house creations go hand in hand with collaborative projects, ranging from cooperations with individual artists to different groups, ensembles, art organizations, art colleges etc.

ChampdAction is a creative and critical artistic crossroads of debate and action. It plays a pioneering role in artistic emancipation and participation of diverse target groups, ranging from children, adolescents to amateur artists and audiences in general. ChampdAction takes a proactive position in the art landscape, encouraging young talent and striving for intensive interactions with both new and established artists.

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